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Jaina [userpic]

December 18th, 2006 (02:36 pm)

Christmas in a week! I'm very excited! I'm going to be baking chocolate bark for the first time, hopefully in time to give all of my extended family some. I'm going to do, if all works out, three varieties. I'll be doing white chocolate with cranberries and pecans, milk chocolate with almonds and blueberries and cashews (i think) and dark chocolate with sweetened raspberries and almonds.

It's going to be quite a production, but I hope they all turn out well!

I want to make some for:

The Steve Family (close and extended, need to get numbers)
Grandparents Rosenthal
Todd & Liz...

Will need to figure out all the numbers on that, and then calculate exactly how much I'll need... but I might have to stop at Trader Joe's or The Uncommon Market to get bulk of the dried berries and nuts. Other than that, I need a few baking sheets. Might buy three of my own, and borrow others from mom.

I'm excited!